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Bernedoodle Puppies go to their new families at 8 weeks old.

At this time your new baby will have the following:

  • Pre-Loved!

  • First round of vaccinations

  • Dewormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks

  • Microchipped (accidents happen, be proactive!)

  • Geneticly tested & CLEARED for developing DM & vWD1 What is this?

  • Vet-checked

  • Lifetime Re-homing and Question Support from Storybook Berners & doodles.

  • Take home puppy package with goodies

  • Folder with puppy's records

  • Socialized & Handled

  • Potty Training already in progress

  • At 7 weeks we start more individualized experiences in preparation for littermate separation.

  • PAT Scored at 47 days

  • Early Neurological Stimulation Completed at 3-16 days: 5 daily exercises to promote problem solving, decrease stress, and improve overall health. Video Overview Here.

  • Puppies are introduced to new experiences & environment's at appropriate ages & stages. Indoor/Outdoor, variety of sounds, peek-a-boo, baking sheets, tunnels, crates, car-rides, group and individual activities, other pets, sensory activities & objects.



Deposits are $300, to hold your placement on the waiting list. Full amount due at time of selecting your puppy. If you are interested in a puppy from a current litter or to be placed on a future litter's waiting list please email us for our payment/deposit terms.

Deposits are non-refundable, but transferable to future litters at your discretion. Deposit amount 

goes towards purchase price. 

Shipping & Transportation

We offer shipping to those who live long distances. Shipping cost depend on location & weight of puppy. We comply with USDA regulations: crate and travel health certificate.

We offer meet-ups on a case by case basis.

Coats & Markings

Standard Bernedoodle:


White on chest, 4 paws, muzzle &blaze, may or may not include Swiss kiss on neck and tip of tail; primary blanket color.

  • The highly sought after and striking standard tri-color, correctly marked (also genetically harder to produce)~$3500

  • Tri-color meeting Quality standards, but with asymmetrical, or absence of minor markings~$3200

  • Bi-color with Excellent Quality Markings~$3000

  • Bi-color meeting most Quality Standard, but with asymmetrical, or absence of minor markings~$2500-2800

  • Phantom makings~ $2800

*add $500 for miniature Bernedoodle

Types of homes


We primarily provide companion puppies (spay/neuter contract). 


Occasionally we are looking for guardian home(s).

We provide Limited Registration Breeding Rights, but this is uncommon. We do believe in positively enhancing the lines of the Bernedoodle, and simultaneously want to discourage inbreeding. Therefore, only established Storybook approved breeders, or previous/current Storybook's guardian homes are applicable candidates. 

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is where we place puppies we would like to have in our breeding program, but believe in order to remain hands on and give full attention and love to each of our dogs, guardian homes are a wonderful option. It allows us to enhance the breed, and the lives of our dogs & owners.

There are benefits to this option: for instance, receiving a pick of the litter puppy! Guardian homes must live within 200 miles of 49090. We take care of all associated breeding related cost, and females remain with us from 8 weeks pregnant till weaning. However, we do not take our guardian home placement lightly, contact us if you are interested becoming a Storybook Guardian!!

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