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Welcome to Storybook! Thank you for taking the time to stop in, and take a peek around! Here at Storybook we are a Bernedoodle Believer; we are a committed enthusiast, advocateand lover of Bernedoodle.  As one of the pioneer breeders of the Bernedoodle, we have a mission. We believe the Bernedoodle deserves to be an acknowledged breed by the American Kennel Club. The process takes Nine registered generations before a breed can apply for recognition from AKC--we are in this for the long run! Storybook wants to create and protect the Bernedoodle as a breed. Through AKC recognition: standardization in appearance, temperament, and health will be beneficial to reputable Bernedoodle breeders and adopting families. The cherry on top, seeing the striking Bernedoodle winning over audiences in the conformation ring!  Storybook believes in taking mutual responsibility for both puppy and puppy-lover. We provide our puppies with committed and loving homes. We provide you with cheerful and intelligent, healthy, pre-loved, and downright adorable furry family members. Our puppies are raised in a healthy, loving environment until they are released to new homes to become very important family members.​We are fully dedicated and committed to offering the very best family companion dog possible while continuing to maintain the highest of breeding standards. We take great pride in our breeding program and it shows in the quality puppies we offer.Our site can hopefully answer a majority of your questions, shoot us an email with any unanswered questions! 

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