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Storybook Guardian Family Program

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Ice Cream Party

Female Bernese


What is A Gaurdian Home

Gaurdian Homes provide our Program here at Storybook to continue. No compromising the care, attention, and love ALL of our future, active, and past Moms & Dads deserve.  Storybook is not a kennel, nor do we want to use dogs to breed and at retirement-- rehome. 

Myself and other breeders with similar views have adopted the Gaurdian Program to allow us to keep our forever family pets, and our breeding dogs spoiled and a top priority.

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The Basics

1) A guardian is selected and placed with a quality (showing breeding potential) puppy. This puppy for all intensive purposes will live a majority of their life as your life long family member/pet. However, we will retain breeding rights and transfer complete ownership at the time of retirement from our program.

       This puppy can be as young as 8 weeks or up to 6 months dependent on multiple factors           (held back to decide, imports, finding the right placement, ect)

  2) A deposit is required, and reimbursed in full at the time of his/her retirement from our            program, and spayed or neutered (at no cost to you!). This will be a Quality puppy costing.      Storybook up to $8,000 at essentially no purchase cost to the guardian family.

3) We cover puppy training cost, grooming and nutrition perks, and appreciation bonuses up until retirement.

4) You are responsible for most pet costs, and we cover all cost associated with breeding and additional testing.

5) Females will stay with us 7 days prior to due date and return to you when puppies head home. This means 8-9 week stays away from home at a maximum 4 times during their ''active career" ---If you have any reservations on this arrangement please do not apply. Retire at age 3-4 years

6) Males may stay with us for up to 5 days, but typically it could be a couple hours to 3 days. Retire at 4-5 years.

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Don't Be A Gaurdian Home:

If you can't commit to our program or needs.

Have a lifestyle that would make it difficult to arrange additional health testing, mating, & whelping

CANNOT IMAGINE being without your dog for extended stays.

ARE ONLY CONSIDERING DUE TO "PERKS", even with the perks we offer as appreciation to you for the value of your services, a Gaurdian dog has a lot more expectations put on him/her. The financial costs of any dog as a Pet needs to be considered.


There is no guarantee we will end up using your placement in our program. In which case he/she will be spayed/neutered, deposit returned, and transfer of full ownership to you.

You don't share our goals.

You aren't willing to learn, or follow our guidelines

You have unaltered opposite sex dogs in your home

Against/uncomfortable with home visits

Aren't reliable

Won't provide proper socialization, nutrition, training/manners, vet care, attention, and love.

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