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The Ghost Gang

Standard Multigen Teddy Coat Bernedoodle.

Miss Lucy gave birth to four beautiful puppies on August 30, 2022.

Inky, Blinky, Pinky, & Clyde. Named after the original ghosts in the game MS PAC MAN.

The Ghost Gang

Homecoming Weekend: October 28th-30th

These puppies will not shed (in the traditional sense). And have full soft curly/wavy coats.

Babes are Standard Size and will need room to stretch out! Their ever wagging tails, will certainly test the items on your coffee tables!

While official temperament tests have not been completed. As an experienced breeder I'd like to share of the notable differences between these love bugs.

Inky is more cautious and observant of his surroundings. While he still wishes to cuddle and be a puppy, placing him in a home that is quieter and committed to early and consistent socialization will empower him to be the best dog he can be! His highly sensitive nature would do best in a home without much anxiety--As he could easily absorb these vibes and in turn take on the anxieties as his own. Therefore, I do not see him as a good option for emotional support---But a great companion and best friend to the right match!

Blinky This puppy has been chillllllll since day one. He doesn't see much fuss, and is an easy going little dood. He hasn't shown as much interest in toys as he favors food and attention. Will be great in most homes! Would not suggest service; but could do well as an emotional support pup.

NOTE:If you are looking for "hypoallergenic" "non shedding" those are terms of absolution--however typical the terms-- they are can be misleading. These pups adult coats will mat if not groomed properly. Unlike, their "shedding" counterparts whom are less likely to mat. However, all dog loose fur/hair in a capacity that resembles a spectrum more than a box.

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