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March 2021 Update:




Quickie: Our program had been temporarily closed to new families wanting to be placed on our waitlist. A revamp was needed to address increased demand. For increased efficiency a puppy application/pre-screening is now our FIRST step, our waitlist process has also changed. 




  1. Interested Families Must Submit an application to be considered.

  2. Applications will take precedent over DMs, FB messages, emails, WIX, phone calls.

  3. When I have a chance to respond to messages I will include a link to the application.

  4. After reviewing the screening, I will contact you with any questions, concerns, or determination.

  5. If a match is met, your review and agreement of our reservation process will need to be submitted in completion.

  6. ^^^ Step 5 is the ONLY avenue to reserve a position on our waitlist. 






Our program over the years has steadily increased in growth, and through those years I’ve made some minor adjustments as deemed fit.


However, the demand and interest for our puppies the past 18 months to now has grown to a point where it became blatantly obvious I had to make some changes in order to increase efficiency. Our Storybook program has six litters planned within the next 12 months and yet I was receiving 100s of emails/DMs/messages/calls per a week.  Although this program is my baby, it is not my only full time job. The demand and interest has now surpassed my personal ability to answer every message in a timely manner (An issue that did not reflect my personal standards). 


I’ve had to look at streamlining and creating a system that will provide pre-screening, efficiency in our waitlist, along with a few other changes. 


My goals to be there for updates, questions, and messages from past litters—and focusing on current puppies and new families has been impacted. A trend I do not wish to continue. 

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