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Storybook Puppy

Storybook Puppies

        From the moment I'm anticipating the arrival of each puppy, until the day they go to their forever home; I see each puppy as my personal responsibility. I'm acting Gaurdian to each puppy. Their health, emotional needs (snuggles & play), socialization and mental stimulation is taken seriously. With the perspective of being their Gaurdian it's imperative I match and place each puppy in a home with confidence. A lifetime of love and care. Eliminating as much risk to future rehoming as possible (while this isn't 100% avoidable, life can bring unforeseen circumstances). Simultaneously, I have a responsibility to YOU to keep YOUR puppy healthy, happy, and safe during his or her short stay at Storybook--AND NOT MATCH you with an incompatible puppy.

Our healthy little babies will come to you pre-loved, snuggled, and socialized!



Dewormer: Unfortunately worms are very common in puppies especially when there are a bunch of the little guys together. We recommend treating with the tasty liquid dewormer sent home with you at 10 weeks. You’ll be sent home with extra if you choose or need to deworm again. Be sure to refrigerate!

SnugglePut Love is a stuffed puppy toy that includes a heartbeat. It’s a great resource when bringing a puppy home the first few nights. Bringing puppy home will be the most exciting day of his/her life. Keep in mind though through that excitement there will be some anxiety. Puppy has spent their whole short life

In one environment with their mom and siblings. While we do our best to prepare puppies for an EASIER transition. There WILL be a transition. This little snuggle buddy will help ease their nights and times alone.

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