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Waitlist Explained

March 2021


Waitlist now open!


Planned Litters Take Home Timeline:

 May, Mid June, September, October, Nov, Dec/Jan


Our program had been temporarily closed to new interest. In order to adapt to Storybook’s growth and increase in demand, this time was taken to revamp and streamline steps in our placement process, along with making the necessary changes to create increased efficiency. 


Interest in our puppies/program NOW REQUIRE our pre-screening Puppy Application to be submitted prior to beginning correspondence.


In the event that AFTER submission and correspondence; a determination you’re a match for our puppies and program will be relayed. You may then choose to proceed to the next step—submitting our Reservation Agreement along with the reservation fee. This will be required to  secure your position on our waitlist.



Overview on how our waitlist works. 




Mary is placed on the waitlist after reservation has been submitted. She’s given the estimated timeframe of 2-4 months for puppy placement. 


A litter is born within 2 months: 3 Males and 5 females, she is 6th on the list and had stated wanting a Male. However, all Males are spoken for by other individuals. Mary will then have the OPTION to choose a female or pass on the current litter and move to the top of the list. 


Mary chooses to move to the top of the list. Four months later the next litter produces 4 Males and 2 females. Mary is given the opportunity to pick her puppy. However,—life happened, and she feels now would not be the best time to bring home a puppy. She passes on said litter and remains at the top of the list for the next litter.


Nine months after placing her reservation; timing and preferences match up, and Mary takes home her forever companion.



Prior to committing. Correspondence on expectations in timing/colors/size/coat will be provided by myself based on your preferences in a puppy. I will provide expectations as accurately as possible, however puppies and dogs are not products. For example, While statistics are a 50/50 chance for male vs. female that is 50/50 chance for each puppy—litters do not always reflect 50/50 as a whole. 


Similarly, I understand you may have a temporary unforeseen situation arise and need to wait. It’s not in anyone’s (puppy or family) best interest to force placement or loose your position and reservation fee. 


My hope is these examples show the reasoning behind our 12/24 month terms


Waitlist are a 12 month commitment/24 month option.


Within the 12 month timeframe you’ll be given the opportunity(or opportunities) to select a puppy. If you choose to pass on a puppy/litter (timing or preferences) and move up on the list for the next litter you will have that option. 


If after 12 months a puppy meeting your predetermined preferences was available, AND you chose to pass, you’ll have two options: Remove yourself from the waitlist without a refund, or extend your reservation for another 12 months. In the event you do not select a puppy after 24 months, you will be contacted with a notice of your removal from the list and your reservation fee will not be reimbursed. On a case by case basis, I will consider transferring the reservation fee for an additional 6 months with a new agreement. 



On the other side of the coin, if Storybook cannot produce a puppy meeting your specifications within the first 12 months, you will have the option to be reimbursed for your reservation fee and be removed from the list, or choose to remain on the waitlist for up to an additional 12 months and receive an extended time credit that would be applied.


Committing to our program with the goal of bringing a future Storybook puppy into your home is essential. In turn we offer you the same commitment. While both parties in good faith believe a puppy will be placed—I understand sometimes life throws curveballs and timing may not be right for you, or a litter may produce 8 females when you are set on a male, or expecting some puppies to be Parti pattern and surprise the 25% stat for Parti on a litter produces Zero (uncommon, but not impossible). 



Still Reading?


  • The reservation agreement will include  your pre-determined puppy preferences (sex/color/size/coat/PAT)

  • Estimated timeline for placement 

  • Quote on specified purchase amount reflecting preferences or a range in the event you are open to multiple patterns/colors

  • Your Purchase amount will not increase within the 24 months of the Agreement

  • In the event we cannot provide a puppy meeting your preferences within 12 months (placement burden solely on us) you will receive an extended time credit of $200 towards the amount quoted on your reservation agreement for a puppy placed between the 13-24month timeframe.

  • If you have passed on a puppy meeting your preferences during the initial 12 month timeframe, the Extended Time Credit will not be applied if a puppy is placed during the 13-24month timeframe. However, your original quote will be locked in the full 24 months and will not increase 



What Increases Time?


Aside from the primary reason: the amount of individuals ahead of you—the amount of preferences can impact your wait time. 


Hypothetical Example:


  1. Kim: Must be black based, any pattern, prefer female but not a dealbreaker. 


  1. Jake: Male Black Traditional 


  1. Kaia & 4. Rose: Female Only color/pattern optional


  1. Nicole: Black Traditional Female, PAT 3


    6. John 7. June :  Any black based pattern with tan points 


  1. Chris: Any Color Male


  1. Gretta: Black Traditional Merle Male 


  1. Nico: Apricot


11-13. Black based Tanpoints


  1. Sable Male any pattern

  2. Female, Any Color pattern

  3. X

  4. X

  5. X

  6. X

  7. X

  8. X


Litter Gold


-Hypo Coat

-Anticipated: 50-60lbs Adult Size

Pre-birth Stats (each puppies individual chances): 

    -Sex:  50/50

    -Pattern: 25% Traditional/25% Parti/50%  Phantom

    - Color: 50% Black Based Tanpoint/25% Sable/25% Apricot


Birth: 70% Male, 30% Female


10 pups: 7M 3F 


40% Parti, 20% Phantom, 40% Traditional 

10% Sable, 20% Apricot, 70% black based


1 Apricot Tuxedo(traditional w/o points) Female

1 Apricot Parti Female

1 Sable Parti Female 


2 Black Phantom Males, 

3 Black Traditional  Males

2  Black Parti Males 

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